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Sikora VDiaries – Making The Egg of Darkness

Added by 3 months ago

See how the epic animated adventure The Egg of Darkness was made with cast interviews, behind the scenes and more!

Sikora Video Diaries – Frozen Fun

Added by 10 months ago

Sikora gets together with some friends and hits the ice, it's been many years since Sikora has skated, is it like riding a bike?

Sikora Video Diaries – We Remain

Added by 1 year ago

I love being with family, creating memories, living in the moment, it's the memories that stand the test of time, whatever happens here, we remain. This is just a look at what I did in December while visiting home. ...

Making The Hunger Games: Blind Arrow

Added by 1 year ago

Go behind the scenes of The Hunger Games: Blind Arrow and see how the action/parody movie was made.  We go on set with Sikora as he directs his latest short film.

Sikora VDiaries – Little Rascals – Making Of & Bloopers

Added by 1 year ago

Go behind the scenes of CollectiveUth's The Little Rascals short film and see how everything was made in this exclusive Sikora Video Diaries episode. Stay tuned in the end for hilarious never before seen bloopers.

Sikora VDiaries – New Tattoo

Added by 2 years ago

Season 8 Premiere!  Sikora celebrated his birthday by getting another tattoo, this time, right on his wrist!  It was going to be painful so he definitely wanted the cameras around to film it all.  Watch Sikora face hi...

Sikora VDiaries – Behind The Scenes Stop The Hate

Added by 2 years ago

Sikora Video Diaries goes behind the scenes of "Stop The Hate" music video and how it's made. Phyras Brown joins in shooting the video and joins forces with Sikora. The entire video was inspired by the shooting of Tra...

Sikora Video Diaries Seasons 1-3 Recap

Added by 2 years ago

Looking back at the very first few seasons of Sikora Video Diaries, Sikora has come a long way! From crafting his dreams into moving to NYC to recording his song for Step Up 2: The Streets, it's been a crazy ride! Sea...

Sikora Video Diaries – I Love NYC

Added by 2 years ago

Sikora heads to NYC to explore the 9/11 Memorial and see the new Freedom Tower up close! It's the city that never sleeps and everyone is out and about. Go to Times Square, Broadway, and Radio City Music Hall and see t...

Sikora VDiaries – Making A Music Video

Added by 2 years ago

Let's go behind the scenes on the set of a dance music video choreographed by Trey Rich, with the moves of some amazing dancers!  Sikora takes you through the whole shoot and shows how it's all made.   Chris Brown rec...

Sikora Video Diaries – CollectiveUth

Added by 2 years ago

Sikora Video Diaries goes behind the scenes with CollectiveUth as Sikora films their music video "Workin' Day & Night" choreographed by Trey Rich.  See how everything is made and all the fun and craziness involved...

Sikora Video Diaries – Fun At The Jersey Shore

Added by 2 years ago

Just a few more days left in Jersey and I got to spend it with family down at Ocean City. We held our annual Mini Golf Tournament and then hit the boardwalk to get on some rides, never expecting my nephew to take me o...

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