Gravity – Cookie Monster Parody

Added by 1 month ago

Cookie Monster remakes the hit film, GRAVITY in honor of the Oscars.

Angry Birds: The Egg of Darkness – Super Bowl Trailer

Added by 2 months ago

The trailer to the upcoming film, Angry Birds: The Egg of Darkness, directed by William Sikora III.  Coming Spring 2014.

A Very Merry Angry Birds Christmas

Added by 4 months ago

Get ready to wreck the halls in this all new animated short starring those lovable Angry Birds!

Fluffy Friends – Into The Attic

Added by 6 months ago

Are you afraid of the attic? Join Cookie Monster in a horrifying adventure INTO THE ATTIC.

Miley Cyrus vs Minion Dance Off

Added by 7 months ago

Miley Cyrus battles those cuddly little Minions in an epic Dance Off where YOU vote for your favorite dancer! You can vote by leaving a comment saying MILEY or MINION. Featuring the new song "Drop It Like You're Miley...

The Piggies – Lost At Sea

Added by 9 months ago

The Piggies – Iron Man vs Superman

Added by 11 months ago

Two amazing super heroes, but who would win in a fight? These piggies fight it out in an epic battle for a SLICE of victory! More episodes of The Piggies are coming, a hilarious animated series full of parodies and...

RIOT – Google Glass (How It Feels)

Added by 1 year ago

Want to see how Google Glass actually feels? It's surprisingly simple. Say "take a picture" to take a picture. Record what you see, hands free. Even share what you see, live. Directions are right in front of you. S...

Randomocity – Harlem Shake (Angry Birds)

Added by 1 year ago

The birds join in on the internet craze and do the Harlem Shake! ANGRY BIRDS REMIX! Watch more Angry Birds videos here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBB01ADB0EEE8D556&feature=view_all Originally repro...

Bigheads – Mariah & Nicki Minaj “Doodoo Face”

Added by 1 year ago

The world premiere music video featuring the vivacious Nicki Minaj and the legendary Mariah Carey together. The two divas on Idol battle eachother in an all new song. Get the song on iTunes HERE Directed & Cre...

Obama Romney – GANGNAM STYLE Dance Off

Added by 1 year ago

Obama and Romney show off their dancing skills GANGNAM style in the 2012 Presidential Dance Off. Barack and Mitt face off dancing to a remixed PRESIDENTIAL STYLE PSY smash!

Angry Birds: Dawn of Time

Added by 1 year ago

The birds are back in an all new adventure! When the pigs create a time machine and plan to go back in time and steal eggs from the dinosaur era, the birds must find a way to stop them, but something goes terribly wro...

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