BlahBlah! – Summer Movies 2013

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This Summer is going to be jam packed with some great movies and we go over all of the big blockbusters that are going to be a blast!  Who is ready for Summer?  Let us know your most anticipated movie coming out!

BlahBlah – Dope! We Have A New Pope!

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DOPE! We have a new Pope! Hmmm...but what is a Pope??? We wanted to help you all out in case you didn't really know what a Pope does and what exactly a Pope is!

BlahBlah! – Spring Is In The Air!

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It's that time of year again, SPRING TIME! There are so many things I love about this season, besides my birthday, the weather, the time change, the green, I could go on and on! Fluffy, on the other hand, has a few th...

BlahBlah! – Worst Things About Valentines

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It's that time of year again, ugh! Time for cheesy cards, flowers, and chocolates. We name off some of the worst things you can get on Valentines Day and also give you a few tips if you are celebrating SAD Day (Sing...

BlahBlah! – Worst Pick Up Lines

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Love is in the air...and so are some really bad pick up lines! Today's episode could save your next relationship or love interest. DO NOT use these pick up lines for anyone or anything, welcome to the WORST PICK UP LI...

BlahBlah! – Oscars 2013

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The 2013 Oscars are here and we go in on all 9 Best Picture nominations! Who will win this year, was your favorite movie snubbed? Leave a comment and let us know!

BlahBlah! – Funny New Years Resolutions

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It's a new year and it's that time again! Time to make a new resolution to enhance or change your life! Today we celebrate by going over some funny resolutions that may also be one of yours. Happy New Year!

BlahBlah! – Christmas Gifts – The Good & The Bad

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Oh the joy of Christmas gifts!  We all have experienced at least one of these gifts.  The good gifts, the bad gifts, and those fugly sweaters you get from Grandma that you will never wear...this is Christmas!

Gizmo – What Your Christmas Tree Says About You

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Your Christmas decorations say a lot about you, more than you know!  We dig into a few different ways we decorate our trees and how it defines us!  Share this hilarious video with friends and family!

BlahBlah! – Holiday Dishes To Avoid!!!

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This holiday season we want to help you and your family enjoy your meal and if you follow what we say, you can avoid these food catastrophes.  We are excited to start our second season of BlahBlah! did you miss us?!  ...

BlahBlah! – iPhone 5, Worth The Upgrade?

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So you are thinking about upgrading to the iPhone 5? Think again if you were one of those that bought the 4S on launch day back in 2011, you won't be able to get the "iPhone Early Upgrade" price that we've been accust...

BlahBlah! – Awesome Disney Facts

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Episode 29 - We dive into some awesome Disney facts that we are pretty sure you've never heard!  Being a huge Disney fan, I even learned some new stuff while researching these facts.  Walt Disney is a big inspiration,...

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