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The Egg of Darkness: Returns (Trailer)

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Relive the epic adventure, like never before. The Egg of Darkness returns this November in an all new re-imagined special editon with new characters, scenes, and more! Join Red, the squirrel as he journeys to save ...

The Sims 4 – Create A Sim – First Look

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We play with The Sims 4 Create A Sim and show you the unlimited possibilities you have to make your Sim one of a kind. The game hits stores on September 2 on PC.

Bigheads – Mariah & Nicki Minaj “Doodoo Face”

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The world premiere music video featuring the vivacious Nicki Minaj and the legendary Mariah Carey together. The two divas on Idol battle eachother in an all new song. Get the song on iTunes HERE Directed & Cre...