BTV-Its-onWelcome to BTV!  We work very hard to bring you quality entertainment that stands out over other internet sites.  Riot, Flix Movies, Fluffy Friends, Sikora Video Diaries, Gizmo, and many other shows have garnered over 100 MILLION views on YouTube and continues to grow everyday.  Fans from around the world have enjoyed the short films that have also premiered on BTV like Runaway, Patch, and The Season.

Get an exclusive look behind-the-scenes of upcoming movies by Sikora Entertainment or put on your nerd glasses and watch some Gizmo videos featuring iPhone app reviews, video games, gadgets, and more!

BTV has been entertaining fans around the world and has also appeared in various media sources like MSNBC, FOX, NY MAGAZINE, THE PRESS, and more! There is a bright future for BTV as it moves onto new projects and aims to entertain the world, see what’s on.