i was born for this.

William Sikora III always had a dream to entertain people, as an inspired kid, he made animated movies and videos with his family's camcorder. Years later, thanks to YouTube, he started his very own channel where he could upload his work for the entire world to enjoy. BTV became a major passion project as it started to grow, today, the channel boasts more than 100,000 subscribers.

Bringing all of the things Sikora was passionate about together and creating an audience was no easy feat. "I do all of the work myself, animation, editing, shooting, gathering news, it's a huge process but I do it because I absolutely love it, this is my passion. My goal is to create entertaining videos that stand out on the web and I hope you see the hard work put into BTV."

Sikora's desire for perfection helps BTV shine; the channel is always evolving, always staying fresh as it adds new shows and content into the mix on a regular basis.

The future for BTV looks bright as it continues to grow and build into the real life dream Sikora had as a kid.