CollectiveUth – Beyoncé – End of Time


Show: CollectiveUth, Latest Videos Uploaded on Feb 11, 2012

CollectiveUth is back with an all new video choreographed by Dejan Tubic and directed by William Sikora III.

Lia Bourne
Julien Chinchilla
Alyssa Chang
Jaira Miller
Kaelynn Gobert-Harris
Charlize Glass
Dana Vaughns
Donis Leonard
Cameron Pitts
Ryan Phuong
Sydney Bourne
Sydney Dodick
Kaela Elmido
Kianna Jasper
Dani Masten
Carly Masten
Kiara Brown
Lindzay Prescott
Brittanie Brant
Dayna Frintz
Rebecca Bergman

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